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Mastering the Game: Highlights from The Wolves Soccer Camp

Summer camps are the highlight of any young athlete's year. For many aspiring soccer players in Houston, this year's Wolves Soccer Camp was an event to remember. Hosted by the prestigious Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. in partnership with the Houston Wolves Soccer Club, this week-long camp ran from Monday, June 10th, to Friday, June 14th, with action, enjoyment, and unparalleled player development. Join us as we recount this inaugural camp's unforgettable moments and lasting impact.


The Wolves Soccer Camp provided an incredible opportunity for young soccer enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the sport, hone their skills, and learn from some of the best in the business. For the first time, Coach Cody Harper and Coach Ryan Griffiths from the Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. Academy traveled to Houston to lead the sessions, making this camp an extraordinary milestone. The Houston Wolves Soccer Club was thrilled to partner with such a renowned football club, bringing an elite soccer experience to the heart of Houston.

Dual Camp Format: Maximizing Opportunities

To provide ample opportunities for player development, the camp offered dual sessions each day: a morning camp and an evening camp. This flexible schedule allowed players to choose either session or participate in both, ensuring they could tailor their experience to their own schedules and dedication to soccer. Whether attending one session or both, players received personalized attention and expert coaching from Coach Cody and Coach Ryan, tailored to their age group and skill level.

Both boys and girls attended the camp, with players aged between 2009 and 2016. This diverse participation underscored the inclusive nature of the camp, catering to a wide range of young athletes eager to elevate their game. Several Houston Wolves Soccer Club coaches were also in attendance, assisting with the camp and gaining valuable insights from the Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. Academy coaches. This collaboration benefited the young players and enriched the local coaches' knowledge and coaching techniques, which will help make the upcoming season's session delivery impactful and professional, positively impacting Houston soccer in the long run.

Kick-Off: Day One

The first day of the Wolves Soccer Camp set the stage for an exciting and productive week ahead. As the young athletes gathered at the fields, anticipation filled the air. Coach Cody and Coach Ryan started the day with an inspiring welcome speech, outlining the week's objectives and emphasizing the values of teamwork, discipline, and the balance between fun and hard work.

The day's sessions commenced with dynamic warm-ups and fundamental drills designed to assess the players' current skill levels. Coach Cody and Coach Ryan then led the players in engaging passing drills, focusing on precision and decision-making under pressure. Players practiced various passing techniques, refining their abilities throughout the session. The day culminated in small-sided tournaments, allowing participants to apply their newly acquired skills in a competitive setting and foster team camaraderie right from the start.

Tuesday: Dribbling Mastery

Tuesday was dedicated to mastering dribbling skills, a fundamental aspect of soccer. Coaches Cody and Ryan led drills emphasizing control, agility, and quick decision-making. Players navigated through obstacles, practiced change of direction, and honed their dribbling techniques under the expert guidance of both coaches. Personalized feedback and encouragement empowered participants to push their limits and improve their dribbling prowess. The day concluded with spirited small-sided tournaments, where players showcased their newfound skills and creativity on the ball.

Wednesday: Shooting and Finishing

Wednesday's focus shifted to shooting and finishing, vital components of any successful soccer player's arsenal. Coaches Cody and Ryan led sessions emphasizing technique, accuracy, and composure in front of goal. Players engaged in various shooting drills from different angles and distances, refining their ability to find the back of the net. One-on-one finishing scenarios and simulated game situations challenged participants to apply their shooting techniques under pressure. The day ended in thrilling small-sided tournaments, where players demonstrated improved shooting prowess and strategic decision-making in competitive matches.

Thursday: Attacking and Defending

Thursday's sessions delved into the intricacies of attacking and defending strategies. Coaches Cody and Ryan orchestrated tactical drills that explored different formations, attacking patterns, and defensive maneuvers. Players were divided into teams implementing these strategies in realistic game scenarios. The emphasis on strategic thinking and teamwork fostered a deeper understanding of the game's nuances among participants. Small-sided tournaments at day's end allowed players to showcase their tactical knowledge and competitive spirit in closely contested matches.

Friday: Recap and Celebration

On the final day of The Wolves Soccer Camp, participants put together all their hard work from the week and engaged in even more games and tournaments to conclude the camp on a high note. Both the morning and the afternoon were dedicated to spirited mini-tournaments, where players demonstrated their skills and teamwork in a supportive environment, cheered on by families and spectators.

The camp concluded with an award ceremony, during which each participant received a signed certificate of participation in The Wolves Soccer Camp. Players also took a memorable photo with Coach Cody and Coach Ryan, capturing the culmination of their journey throughout the week.


The Wolves Soccer Camp, presented by Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. and the Houston Wolves Soccer Club, exceeded expectations as the first of its kind in Houston. This landmark event not only elevated the skills of young soccer players but also fostered a more profound passion for the sport among all participants. The expert coaching, personalized instruction, and inclusive atmosphere made this camp a standout in Houston's youth soccer scene.

Moreover, the camp showcased the true partnership between Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. and the Houston Wolves Soccer Club. It began an exciting journey and laid the foundation for future collaborations between the two clubs. Reflecting on this incredible week, we see it as the start of something great.

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