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Your Ultimate Team Connection!

The Houston Wolves Soccer Club app is now available for all iPhone and Android users. Download it today from the app store! This new app offers an easy and direct way to stay connected to your team. With its numerous features, players and parents can access all relevant team-specific information, including schedules, team news, results, and more. Additionally, the app includes a chat feature, allowing members to communicate with each other seamlessly. This app is part of our transition to a more user-friendly platform, ensuring that all our members can easily stay connected and updated on club and team-specific information.

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Apple App Store
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Adding Additional Parents/Guardians to Your Existing Parent Account:

  1. Log in to your parent account on the Houston Wolves Soccer Club website at

  2. Choose your parent role.

  3. Navigate to 'My Players' on the left-hand side.

  4. Select your child.

  5. Choose' Family Members' From the sub-navigation on the left.

  6. Click the 'Add' button at the top right corner of the page.

    * NOTE: Ensure you use an email address not already associated with a player account when adding the new family member.

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Registering with TGS

Welcome to the Houston Wolves S.C. family! We are delighted to have you and your child join our soccer programs. To make the registration process more manageable and ensure you have all the necessary information, we use Total Global Sports (TGS), a user-friendly platform designed to simplify registration and communication for parents and players alike. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the registration process effortlessly. Let's kick off this exciting journey together!

  1. Create or Log in to Your TGS Parent Account:

  2. Add or Select Your Child:

    • After logging in, navigate to the "MY CHILDREN" tab on the page's left side.

    • Click on "ADD" or select the child you wish to register from the list if they're already added to your account.

    • This guide, How to Add a Child Player to Your Account, provides detailed instructions on adding a child to your account.

  3. Registration Process:

    • Click on the "REGISTRATION PROGRAMS" option under the player's dashboard.

  4. Search for Programs:

    • Click on the "SEARCH" button under the "Public programs in your area" section.

  5. Find Your Program:

    • Scroll through the list of programs until you find the one Houston Wolves S.C. offers.

    • If you don't see the program you're looking for, please contact for assistance.

  6. Register for the Program:

    • Once you've found the desired program, click on the "REGISTER" button.

    • Follow the prompts to fill in your information, complete the registration process, and proceed to checkout.

    • Congratulations! You are now successfully registered for the program.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly register your child for a program at Houston Wolves S.C. through TGS. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the provided contact email for assistance. Happy soccer playing!

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